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circa 1808


Andrew Jackson purchasing arms from Samuel Crockett
                         circa 1812 at Forge Seat
                 Original Painting by Buzz Cason

For over 200 hundred years, Forge Seat has proudly yet humbly stood on a corner in the highly sought after City of Brentwood, TN - voted best place to raise a family in Tennessee. Built in 1808 by Samuel Crockett III, the captivating home gets it's name from the forge he constructed on the property to produce firearms and other iron essentials used during the 19th century. Two well known visitors who enjoyed Forge Seat's hospitality included Andrew Jackson who stopped by to purchase rifles during the War of 1812 and Davy Crockett, a relative of the Crockett family.  

Always a family home, Forge Seat has been lovingly restored and cared for by a succession of owners throughout the years. As the present day stewards of Forge Seat and for the first time in Brentwood's history, we are honored to open this exceptional home to guests who share an appreciation for the beauty, history and uniqueness of a landmark property. Come experience the rare opportunity to stay at Historic Forge Seat. A place to see what ordinary eyes don't see. 

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